We are Business Recovery Funding (BRF).

Over the last 20 years our experts have seen many businesses forced to close because of a lack of short term funding and often because it is more lucrative for all involved if the business closes than if it survives.


You have just signed that big contract;
You just need a few months more breathing space;
You are just a few weeks away from securing the long term finance you need


HMRC have issued a petition,
One of your large suppliers are being intransigent,
The bank has pulled the overdraft,
The factoring company has reduced credit limits or the advance

If this is you then call us for an informal chat on
0203 059 7841.

We would suggest that in the first instance you should call us for a confidential and informal chat during which we will be able to say if your business broadly meets our criteria.

If it does we will come and see you at the earliest opportunity. In the best case scenario we can lend within 7 days.

  • It won’t take hours on the phone just to know if we would be interested in funding you.
  • You won’t have to complete lots of online or paper forms (That have no flexibility and/or don’t make sense) to apply.
  • You won’t find that your requirement will have to go through several layers of “Lending Committees, Managers or Risk Analysts”.
  • You WILL meet the people who will make the decisions and who will tell you the criteria at the earliest possible stage.
  • You will have a dedicated Relationship Manager who will help you through the whole process up to and including repayment of the loan.
  • We can agree loans and access to money, in some cases within 7 days.