“In 2014 I thought we had overcome the worst of the downturn and could see the way forward for the business. I had halved the size of the workforce, restructured roles and responsibilities, agreed a new finance package with our funders and paid off a significant amount of the arrears with creditors. Unfortunately, at this stage we missed a payment to HMRC and they issued a petition. Once they issued others jumped on the band wagon and it seemed we were spiralling towards closure; despite all our hard work.

I was recommended to speak to Des, who quickly enabled us to steady the ship. Funds were introduced to the business creditors paid or managed and a new strategic plan created. Years later the business is heading for £1.5 million turnover, without debt and about to buy new premises. Although only short term, without the help and assistance we received from Des none of this would have been possible.”

Robert, Managing Director, Stevenage.

“We had just grown too quickly. The business had lots of orders, which we were funding but we never seemed able to catch up with the money owed as we were ploughing into new orders, staff and infrastructure. We were negotiating on new funding when we received a CCJ. Not only did we lose the offer of new funding but had restrictions placed on our existing account.

After speaking to Des and his team they arranged short term finance which saw us over the worst by relieving the creditor pressure. We also had time to breath and therefore plan properly. The business is now on track meeting and exceeding targets but in a controlled way. The future is looking Good.”

Des, Director, Hayes.