For Professionals/Insolvency Practitioners:

By now you will have read what we do for SMEs. However, we also offer short term funding to businesses that are about to go through formal insolvency procedures but whose existing lenders are proving a block to your plans.

It’s simple. If you have a client but the existing lenders will not work with you or the management team of the company and you wish to implement a plan then talk to us.

In the right circumstances, we will pay off the existing lenders and allow you to effect your plan.

Contact us for a confidential discussion on:
0203 059 7841.

Long Term Solutions

Long term solutions can be part of the plan. It isn’t necessary or a condition of us funding your business but longer term help and guidance is available. We work closely with the team at Elliot Johnson Business and Recovery Solutions (ejbrs) who will help formulate a long term strategic plan for your business. EJBRS is a management consultancy also working with businesses that are suffering acute cash flow shortages and creditor pressure. The team have many years experience working with small to medium sized enterprises helping them avoid formal insolvency (if at all possible) or to use the existing legislation to get businesses back on track in order that the Owner Managers/Directors can follow a structured recovery and long term strategic business plan.

EJBRS Offer:

  • Assistance with crisis management.
  • Immediate and medium term creditor management.
  • Cash flow planning and management accounting.
  • Credit control assistance.
  • Planned operational restructuring.
  • Financial restructuring.
  • Business and strategic planning.
  • Business mentoring.
  • Director mentoring.
  • Training and development.

With over 40 years combined experience working with both large and small companies the EJBRS team have a strong track record of success.