We are Business Recovery Funding (BRF).

BRF offers short term business loans for businesses that are facing an immediate threat of closure but whose prospects, if the short term crisis can be averted, are good.

We will lend at the point that no other lenders are interested. So, if you are facing:

  • A winding up petition;
  • A County Court Judgement that will cause irreparable damage;
  • A shortfall on financing with your existing lenders;
  • Cash flow crisis brought about by your existing lenders;
  • Then call us for an informal discussion on 0203 059 7841

Our business was created by experienced business experts and insolvency specialists with a track record of over 20 years in management and consultancy helping businesses to grow and develop, in pre-insolvency work (assisting business to avoid formal insolvency), and within an insolvency practice. We understand what is happening.

You will find we are easy to deal with as we also understand the frustrations of Directors and Owner Managers especially when facing a financial crisis.